Sporting weekend. Bradford and Wales come to Rome, shame I missed it.

What a weekend of sport it should have been. The nature of Roman tourists certainly changes with the rugby season. Lots of square-jawed, burly men wandering about the city streets searching in vain for some cheap beer hole to pass the hours before and after the match. Poor devils, staring glumly into their 8 euro pints in some quaint backstreet Roman bar. Suffice to say, I had a ticket to the Wales V Italy match on Saturday, but the torrential, driving rain put me off and like a true Roman lass I opted out of two hours in the scary rain and went for a lovely lunch instead. Sorry to Bethan, my Welsh grandma and all Yorkshire people for being such a wimp.
   Today I thought I’d try again, given that it was such a big day for football in Bradford with City at Wembley in the League Cup Final. However, trying to find a pub that was showing the glamour tie that was Bradford v Swansea was a challenge (the 6 Nations rugby seems to be dominating the Irish pub/sports watching Roman crowd). With no-one willing to help me cheer on the mighty Bantams, I decided to watch it online. Trouble was, my internet needed recharging … Online updates on my mobile was the best I managed. Pathetic.

Despite the result, it was a great run to even make the final. Well done Bradford, we’re proud of you!


  1. We only had Bradford here on Sky too, so had to listen to Five Live, so you weren't the only one to miss it… The BantamsBanter podcasts of the games pre-Wembley were great and well worth a listen! Kari, London


  2. Well I heard on the radio that the Bantams will have made about 2.4 million out of their cup run so it looks like it'll have set them up for a few seasons to come. Not bad for a League 2 side from Yorkshire (even if I do say it as a Huddersfield lass!) x



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