Beer and sandwiches

One of the great things about Rome is the lack of chain stores. There is certainly not the mixture of tanning shops, nail bars and take-aways that feature so heavily at home. Wibsey, where are your shops?! And when there is a coffee bar (at the last count there were 30 in a three street area around my apartment) it’s an independent, family run concern. Unfortunately, three Subway sandwich shops seem to have appeared in Rome of late, hopefully not a sign of things to come. Sandwiches in Rome usually take two forms, the tramezzino (a stale, crust-free, softish white bread affair that usually looks as though it’s been sat under the counter for a few days) or the panino (a more appetising combination of crusty bread roll, meats and cheeses). Fitting the independent bill is the newly opened Baguetteria del Fico, a cute little hole in the wall near Piazza del Fico with freshly made to order baguettes and an enormous selection of beers. 

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