Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

After five years of little ideas and big disappointments, we deserve another story.

I’m struggling to write anything about the outcome of the Italian elections, I don’t know the outcome, nobody seems to know the outcome. Is there an outcome? As predicted, comedian Beppe Grillo’s 5 Star Movement split the anti-Berlusconi vote. It’s as if Mark Thomas had won a quarter of the popular vote, although his People’s Manifesto would be worth supporting and at least has some positive policies:

  • The introduction of a maximum wage.
  • Anyone in favour of banning immigration should sign a register and they will be banned from travelling abroad.
  • The Daily Mail should have to declare on the masthead ‘The newspaper that supported Hitler!’
  • If MPs want a second job in order to gain a greater understanding of life outside government, then their constituents should choose which job would best expand their MPs’ horizons.
  • Those in favour of ID cards should be banned from having curtains. (If you have nothing to hide … ?)
So with discussions still ongoing between the Italian political parties, what most of my Italian friends know is that they can’t live with the shame of living in a country where Berlusconi could conceivably return to power. As for the man himself, as the Have I Got News For You clip below points out, he is not someone who is easily embarrassed.

It’s worth watching for the quotes at the end, not necessarily the funniest episode but the tragedy of it seems to have affected them too much.

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