Top 10 Bradford Instagrammers

Did you catch Bradford on The One Show on Friday last week? They were investigating whether Bradford was ready for an Instagram photo tour to attract tourists to the city. As the world’s first UNESCO City of Film, with world heritage site Saltaire, Ilkley Moor, Haworth, Little Germany, the Worth Valley Railway and City Park we are surely boasting some pretty instagrammable locations.

I recently went on Bradford’s first ever Instameet tour organised by Visit Bradford – not necessarily for tourists but for anyone who likes to take a photo and see some interesting places through a lens or phone. If you’ve never been on an Instameet, Wayne Hanley wrote a great piece about the tour taking you through all the places we visited and snapped.

I love how different people use Instagram. When I lived in Rome, my feed was full of plates of pasta, ancient ruins, sunsets and charming old grandpas. I never realised that Instagram was your new kitchen, inspirational quotes and pouting teens. So if Instagram is all about the filters and portraying your very best life we should definitely apply that to promoting Bradford. From my own Instagram You Can Take the Girl Out of Bradford, my Italian friends think Bradford is a paradise of Victorian architecture, green fields, moors and blue skies. And of course it is.

If you’re not convinced, I’ve put together a list of my top 10 favourite photographers of Bradford on Instagram who always have the very best views of the city. True Bradvocates, give them a follow.

Appertunity I love Jason’s reflections on Bradford. Stunning.



Shakamini This is one of my favourite photographs of Bradford’s City Park.



Nicky_b_photography I love Nicky’s moody skies.



waynehanleyuk always has a unique take on Bradford.



Ka_Ewka_’s black and white photographs of Bradford are just stunning. And this one brrrrrrrr



HoboTomPhoto takes some beautiful shots of Saltaire and the countryside in and around Bradford.



tyieshaphotography capturing the everyday in Bradford, but this of Baxendalls café is perhaps my favourite.




I love watching the seasons change with thorpstaveley



You’ll find beautiful Bradford scenery and some gorgeous doggies from fkbphoto


And finally Davez_uk for making my local park and woodland look like something from a fairytale.


Visit Bradford has a monthly roundup of the best Bradford photos on Instagram, tag your photos #visitbradford for a chance to feature.

And have a follow of IgersBradford for more great photographs of Bradford and for details of the next Bradford instameet. See you there!

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