When it rains in Rome. Part 2

Feeling smug in my wellies, my best buy in Rome

Rain, rain and more rain. With the UK experiencing its wettest January since 1767, we in Rome share your pain. Apparently it rains more in Rome than it does in London, perhaps even Manchester? How can that possibly be true?
Outside Piramide Metro Friday morning it’s barely stopped since.
Well, if you’ve been in Rome over the past few days, you will understand why. When it rains in Rome, it rains. For hours. And hours. We are not talking about drizzle here people. It rarely spits. The heavens open and torrential, persistent rain of a type that no umbrella, shoe or coat can withstand pours from the no-longer clear blue skies. After just five minutes of such a deluge, Roman drains are overflowing, cobbled streets become ankle deep streams and the Tevere seems full to bursting. You then understand why the banks of the river are not used in the winter months, they don’t exist …
steps to nowhere
Mercifully, umbrella sellers miraculously appear like angels to save the fools who thought it might be a passing shower. They seem to be able to predict the weather more accurately than most meteorologists.
Italians tend not to go out in the rain. It seems a bit feeble to the uninitiated foreigner. And then you try it. But not for long.


  1. The umbrella guys really are a heavens send! And you're right, it does sound silly to an outsider, staying at home just 'cos of a bit of rain. Alas, it is not. But you live and learn 🙂


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