Summer pests. My endless battle against mosquitos.

Summer should, in theory, be over. So why is it still 30 degrees, horribly humid and far too summer-like to return to work? To celebrate the supposed end of summer instead of being depressed that it’s almost over I like to take the time to remember the things that I won’t miss at all about the long summer months.

Mosquitoes are my enemy. I am engaged in a constant, furious and losing battle with them on a daily basis from April to October. Back at work and the swamp that is my school playground, after two days I already have 15 bites on my leg – make that 16 just found another one!!! 

I am a bit obsessive I must admit. But I don’t just get a little red bite, they swell up, they change the shape of my limbs, they itch for at least two days, they are so hot you could fry an egg on them. I genuinely feel a failure that I have not prevented them from attacking me. 

 I have tried every type of repellent, but I’m a bit reluctant to put chemical deet on my skin for 6 months of the year. I’ve tried vitamin B tablets, I eat lots of garlic. However, lemon juice is the answer and I now carry a jiff lemon around with me at all times. I am also never without the ‘clicker‘ (a nifty little device that electrocutes the bite and stops the itching and swelling). I cannot recommend it enough. Nothing else works. The fight goes on and I will welcome October with open arms.


  1. You want to become hairy like my Dad – he can watch the mosquitoes trying to get through the hairs on his arms and then just swats them off. Never gets bitten!!!!

    Vicky xx


  2. I was in Friuli in August and suffered very badly from mosquito bites, even during the day. I got bitten too many times to count and it was getting really distressing. Apparently, there is a new non-native species called the Tiger Mosquito that are active in the day as well as night. My limbs swelled up too. Large angry red patches of skin that furiously itched night and day. I have used citronella oil as a repellant in the past but I wasn't expecting mosquitos in Italy so I didn't have anything to hand. I doubt if anything would have worked with these mutant super mosquitos anyway. I might try the lemon juice and click thing next time but I'd rather not get bitten in the first place 😦



  3. Tiger Mosquitoes are the devil! I think unless you get bitten, and react like that you can't explain how awful it is and how much it gets you down. Try the lemon juice, especially for during the day.


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