Leaving home for home

All roads lead to Rome

After 2 weeks in Bradford, I’ll be on a plane first thing tomorrow morning back ‘home’ to Rome. After four years home seems to have become unsettlingly interchangeable. Confusing for myself and everyone else, when I’m in Rome home is usually Bradford where my parents, friends and family live and where I grew up. Yet when I’m there the pull of Rome, home, is strong.

   It’s not that I feel Italian, that I feel settled in Italy, because I don’t. I’m not sure when I will feel comfortable in the country, or that I want to be just yet. I rather like the fact the most days present an adventure, or at the very least a different take on the everyday. I like discovering new rules, new details, exploring new places, meeting new people. And then it gets tiring. The novelty wears off. And that’s when you want something familiar, safe, known and understood. When you want to go home.

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