Naked models and melting, the joys of summer filming

Summer hols and not much to do so when the casting agency rang me for another bit of extra work I jumped at the chance.

This time we had to go for a costume fitting before the day of filming. After an hour’s wait, with a bevvy of stunning Italian girls, where the person responsible for hiring had looked me up and down, shrugged and pulled a face (if they wanted an Italian model type I am definitely not it as confirmed by the Irish guy also waiting with me – under no illusion that I was going for the same role as these lovelies) we were finally all led into another room and asked to change with just a clothes rack between us for privacy. During my only previous experience of extra work, I’d seen the wonderful Nancy casually change in front of a room full of strangers, so with as much dignity and professionalism as I could muster, I whipped my top off and tried on the various things I’d brought and the agency’s horror outfit – wool polo neck jumper and knee length leather coat – in 40 degree heat?! Were they mad?! I’d melt into a puddle of sweat within minutes.

I’d been making good progress with operation body confidence, but I felt the full force of reality when confronted with the prospect of changing in a room full of actual Italian models, them wearing nothing other than underwear and high heels. I’ve never seen real models up close before. They are not human. I could only stare. I have to say it didn’t make me feel bad about myself. You cannot compete with these creatures all made of leg and perfect skin. They were lovely girls and I didn’t envy the life of gawking they must endure and perpetual state of undress in front of strangers. Particularly with the Irish guy also changing in the room who thought he had died and gone to heaven.

The day of filming arrived. Of course they’d chosen the hateful wool and leather combination. After ten hours of suffering in the heat, I have a new found respect for the trials of both extras and models alike, but I think I’ll be sticking to the day job from now on. Another call from Ridley Scott and the answer will be no.

Lovely girls, but models we are not …


  1. Love this! You should see what happens in locker rooms…

    But, you're right. They're not human. A body as far as the plastic will take them and still be soft to the touch (in most places).

    FMaggi, Author
    Burnt by the Tuscan Sun


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