Berlusconi finally condemned, but is it really all over?

Were we all with Silvio? Someone must have been.
   Yesterday evening in Rome, Berlusconi was convicted of tax fraud and declared a criminal by the Italian legal system. Even with laws created by him, solely to protect himself, his conviction was upheld by the last court of appeal available to him. We await to hear whether he will face house arrest and how long he will be barred from holding public office. 

   Divisive and shameful, yesterday was the day that many Italians have longed to see.
However, convicted criminal or not, he does have his supporters. And they do believe that this is all an orchestrated left-wing plot to persecute an innocent man. 
   In the UK we hear little of Berlusconi other than his extravagant gaffes and girls and are in constant amazement that someone so blatantly self-serving could be elected. However, in Italy, despite all this, he continues to present himself as a self-made, vigorous business man fighting an unjust system. 
   What Italy really needs is for the Berlusconi factor to disappear. To have the Government dependent for its survival on this ridiculous individual is not sustainable or supportable. He has dragged his country’s reputation down along with him. One of the many accusations made against him has finally stuck. Judgement has been made. After 20 years enough is enough. If his love of his country is as great as he claimed today he should go now with some grace. A likely scenario …?


  1. I very much agree with your sentiment but sadly there are still those who worship Mussolini. Which is saying a lot considering that most were born long after he was hanged. The Berlusconi fan club will be around for many years to come.


  2. True, there are a thankfully small minority who think Mussolini had it right all along. Not that Berlusconi is on that level of course, terrible but not a fascist himself (although he's used their support in the past). Latest news is that his daughter, Marina, is 'the future of the centre-right in Italy' according to one of the newspapers he owns. So it continues.


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