Summer in the City

Things to love about the summer in Rome

Water fountains

Was there ever a more beautiful thing than the water fountains of Rome? Free, that’s FREE, drinkable water from the fontanelle that can be found everywhere in the city. The water is ice-cold, much nicer tasting than the tap-water, safe and saves you a fortune on bottled water on broiling days around town.

Lungo Il Tevere

By kind permission of Miss Lindsay Mackenzie

During Roma Estate, the river is finally put to good use. From mid-June to September the Tevere opens its bank to bars, restaurants, shops and a cinemas for overheated Romans. Balmy evenings are spent watching the world go by and having a cheeky cocktail or two, or perhaps a jug? (I am from Bradford)

Open-air cinemas
Every year cinemas pop-up in parks and gardens all over the city. My favouite are the screens in the gardens of the Castel Sant’Angelo.

Outdoor Pools

These are FAR too expensive and I’m not so keen on obligatory swimming caps, but still a treat.

Things not to love quite so much.

There is absolutely no need. I am a one woman mosquito-attracting machine. And I feel like such a failure when I get bitten. It’s a battle of wills. The only known cure is to electricute the bite with a ‘clicker’ (these can be bought in Boots – not found any in Italy). Top tip for prevention, lemon juice. I keep a bottle of Jif lemon with me at all times

Journeys on public transport
The after-work train back from Ostia crammed full of sun-drenched, sweaty bodies returning from a day at the beach is just painful. The trains are often old with no air-con and no seats. There should be special seats for the workers.

The humidity

Being sweaty ALL the time is not pleasant. Sitting down, you end up in a pool of your own water. Standing up is no better – you can feel the sweat running down your back and dripping down the back of your legs. Horrid. The heat can send you a bit strange. You cannot fight it, you must relax into it otherwise you become hysterical.
I can’t wait to get back to the UK 🙂

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