Visitors from Bradford.

When you live in Rome, one of the world’s most visited cities, you can feel like an eternal tourist. So in theory, I should be accustomed to visitors and have a ready made itinerary.

You can take three girls out of Bradford

When my visitors from Bradford arrived (along with 30 degree heat not exactly conducive to trailing round the city sights) I had to decide what to do with them. I’m not sure I enjoy the pressures of being a tour guide. Would they enjoy the same things as I do? Did they want culture, sightseeing, a relaxing mooch around? Or would they like to experience everyday Roman life? But everyday life in Rome can often be quite special.

Consider the simple aperitivo after work – when my friend Glen asked, “You mean you go out after work and sit in a square or in the street and drink champagne?” Well, prosecco, but yes. Two or three times a week has become a normal occurrence. Is that so unusual…?

The ladies made it easy for me completing a whistle-stop tour of the major sights whilst I was still at work. 

Overwhelming Rome – what shall I take a photo of first?

So the rest of the trip could be a leisurely stroll, soaking up the romantic Roman atmosphere. Although traveling in the crush of the metro to and from my home, the intense heat, that sweaty all-over-dirt feeling, leading to famous black foot, reduces the glamour element somewhat.

Weekend highlights included drinks at Locarno with “free” mini hamburgers (free if you discount the 10euro for a drink bill), Vatican visit, keyhole surprises, dinner al-fresco in cobbled streets, a ridiculous amount of porcini mushrooms eaten during a typical meal with Calabrian friends – typical in the sense of far too many people, spending far too much money and drinking far too much wine and amaro. Good though for my friends to experience bi-lingual dinners – what do you talk about when you don’t speak the same language? Lots of smiles and photos of cute children always help.

Their visit reminds me once again why I live in the beautiful, chaotic city that is Rome, but also why my Bradford friends are in their own way as unforgettable. 



  1. You can,t beat a nice picture of Bradford folk in their traditional napkin on the head after a few bevvies pose.
    Looks like you all had a great time together!



  2. Fantastic time. Catherine was the perfect tour guide.:) And we even enjoyed a little shower in the heat. Hmmm, or was that somebody watering their rooftop terrace? x


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