2018, meh. Some resolutions for 2019. Sort of. In a way. Ish.

2018. Well, it wasn’t as bad as 2017. Not personally anyway. Actually it was in all other senses pretty horrific. Shitstorm, shitshow, clusterfuck, omnishambles. It was all of these things. We can only hope 2019 is less Anglo-Saxon.

Last New Year’s Eve, I wrote a list of things I was grateful for. On reading the list again today not much has changed. Is that how it should be? That the things in life you appreciate should be solid, reassuringly unchanging? Is it a sign that maybe I’m on the right track? And if my reasons to be cheerful list still applies (I refer you to last year’s post) what can I do to mark the end of the year?

A friend recently told me that every New Year’s Eve at 4pm (ish) she sits down and has a good old think about her life, what she’s done and what she wants to do. I’m great at the being reflective, the ‘what I want to do’ lists, but I’m not quite so good at putting them into practice. Procrastination has always been my thing. Part of me thinks I should just accept it. But, in the spirit of new year, new start if I write my to do list here I might be actually be shamed into doing at least some of it:

  • Get out more. Freelance work might well turn me into a hermit.
  • Prepare for Brexit. People expect me to know what is going on. I don’t. Does anyone? Still struggling with the backstop. This is poor.
  • Use and support my local library. I renewed my membership and got a new card last week.
  • Set my alarm and actually get up at that time. Maybe even go for a run.
  • Cook. Both my brothers bought me a cook book for Christmas. It was a hint.
  • Learn how to curl my hair with straightners. If my hairdresser can do it so can I.
  • Get a kitten. I think. Bit worried about becoming a mad cat lady, but may as well embrace it.
  • Write something. Anything. I have a hilarious post about pointlessness somewhere in me. Watch this space.
  • Join a walking group, without worrying it’ll be full of weirdos.
  • Stop being so judgemental. See above.
  • Choose to be happier. Much as I enjoy being a miserable cynic, I think I need to mix it up with a bit of cheer.
  • Remember that Friends always has a clip that will illustrate your point. All these resolutions apply to me. Except the plane.

Thanks to everyone who’s put up with me this year, taken me out, given me a job, helped with the house, let me stay with them, stayed in touch. Love you all lots.

Happy New Year xxxx

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