Cooknspeak. Lessons in Italian Cookery and Life with the lovely Sandra

Anyone looking for a cooking class in Rome, give Sandra a try!

You Can Take the Girl Out of Bradford ...

Life is a combination of magic and pasta – Federico Fellini

This is especially true in Rome, especially when it comes to Italian food. Two years ago, I spotted Sandra’s advert on the Friends In Rome website and a beautiful new friendship began…

Sandra runs Cooknspeak a cookery course from her cosy home in Garbatella. The twist here is that cookery lessons are mixed with Italian language lessons, with a dash of history and food culture thrown in for good measure. 

A typical lesson goes something like this, you spend a couple of hours preparing, cooking, learning; then sit down to your very own home-cooked meal with a good bottle of wine, putting your language skills to test with a little conversation. Sandra is a good talker. You come away feeling proud, as if you’ve really achieved something and as my friend Bethan once said, ‘one…

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