Eat your way around Rome with the experts. These people know how to eat!

The summer is almost over, people will be returning from holidays this week and returning to the daily grind. I for one enjoy the back-to-normal pace (but then I’ve been working most of the summer and been very jealous of everyone’s holiday pics). Once the heat starts to dissipate, I will again be on the lookout for wonderful places to eat. August is just too hot to enjoy platefuls of pasta, however delicious.

Da Enzo

I am a HUGE fan of food blogs. As a greedy person living in a city of such endless food choices, I am in need of professional help. Because the problem is, there are soooo many restaurants and trattorie in Rome. There is sooo much food to choose from. Much of it is very good, but alas much of it is below par. Even for those of us lucky enough to live in Rome, life is too short to waste it eating bad food and drinking bad wine. If you are in Rome to eat, do a little research and these food bloggers will help you to make the most out of your trip.

Read more at Eating Italy Food Tours where this article was first published.


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