Controversial Christmas lights or just a bit showy?

courtesy of Wanted in Rome

   This year’s Christmas lights have sparkled and shined their way to controversy with a progression of rainbow-coloured lights streaming down Via Del Corso the main shopping strip in the city. Installed by Rome’s Council they were planned as a strong message of support for the gay community after a year of homophobic related incidents. Despite just being Christmas lights, they have generated a predictable reaction from right-wing groups saying that they were ‘provocative and ideological‘. Surely just pretty? (but always amusing to wind up the puritans in ever more inventive ways).

   And forgive me for being flippant, but aren’t all Christmas lights just a wee bit camp? Isn’t the point that they are excessive and extravagant? Have these complainants ever seen the average British street nowadays? It looks like an American Christmas film has exploded and gone berserk. 

   These were featured in last year’s Roman display. What says Christmas more than these beauties?

nothing says Christmas like sparkly jellyfish 
   Controversy or not, this year’s displays are felt to be a pale imitation of those of 2011 with lights that celebrated the 150th anniversary of Italian reunification in style.
The Italian Flag rippling down Via Del Corso 


Yet another presepe, this time life-size in lights
trimmed up and ready for Christmas 2011
   The light saga has now been resolved with the news that they could also be known as the Peace Lights and have been dedicated to the memory of Nelson Mandela. In any controversy, however petty, a solution has been found. 


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