Brunch, Buffets and Bagels. Breakfast in Rome

I know I’ve written about breakfasts and brunches in Rome before, but it’s becoming my obsession. Roman cooking is wonderful, I love it. But for breakfasts the anglo-saxons just do it better. 

   Brunch has become the fashionable Sunday activity for young Romans. There are many lovely, stylish brunch places in Rome and there are people who want a buffet of a Sunday lunch, but it’s a buffet!! It is most definitely NOT brunch. 

Courtesy of Mòmò Republic

   As a prime example, I was invited recently to the rather swanky Mòmò Republic, a gorgeous villa in beautiful grounds where I’d had a very nice dinner a few years ago. But this was Sunday brunch, a popular option for the trendy family. Beautiful, young families dining in a perfectly contrived modern atmosphere. In theory I should like it, ooodles of food, piano playing discreetly in the background, light, bright decoration. But I don’t.
And this is what I hate. I don’t want to have to squeeze past numerous busy, noisy tables; I don’t like having to push past fellow dinners or gannets, elbowing impatiently just in order to get a few choice morsels; I don’t enjoy the stress of filling one’s plate to the brim in order to get your money’s worth, or will that make me appear greedy? Everything looks amazing so you want a bit of everything. My plate ended up covered with the not so appetising combination of smoked salmon, sausage, courgettes, mozzarella, spicy cheese, veal meatballs and cold pasta. All separately very tasty, together an ill-conceived mess (ill-conceived by me – presentation and taste combos not my strength).

   This is what I want of a Sunday, someone to bring me large plates of deliciousness in peace and cosy comfort.

Sunday lunch Castel Gandolfo

   And if I want brunch, a proper brunch, I want a plate of eggs, bacon, sausages or eggs benedict or french toast or bagels. Brunch for me being a late breakfast. Recently opened Haus Garten in Prati is trying to fill the gap. A bagel filled menu is very welcome. Sides of potato are maybe a mistake, an overload of carbs even for me. But in a brunch desert, it seems an oasis of stress-free, relaxed breakfasting. 

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