Ready for Autumn, but it’s still over 20 degrees…

via Wanted in Rome

The changing of the seasons is a big deal in Rome, and if the weather fails to demarcate appropriately, our wardrobes suffer. The cambio di stagione (changing over from summer to winter wardrobes) should have been done long ago. The stress of this time hangs over us. When should we dedicate a whole weekend to sorting through our wardrobes, can we guarantee that we’ll no longer need our sandals? 

   But it’s just been too hot (how we suffer). It is now November. I should be wearing boots, coats, scarves – lovely, cosy autumn wear. But instead, during the day at midday when the sun is shining and the skies are blue, we can walk around with bare arms, no need for long sleeves yet, neither cardigans and certainly no coats.

Ladies who’ve already done the cambio

   The problem is when I leave the house at seven am, it is a little bit chilly. The Bradford readers might think I’ve gone all soft and southern (1000 miles further south to be precise) but you do have to be careful of those chill breezes in Italy, far more dangerous for your health than gales in the UK it would seem. However, the most dangerous thing for me is the stares and tuts of Romans if you venture out in summer garb after September, 25 degrees or not.

jumper and bodywarmer in 25 degree heat – but it is November

   So I set off for work with tshirt, jacket, short trousers, no socks and ballet pumps. By lunchtime duty the sun is strong enough to burn my fair skin. It’s also warm enough for mosquitos to still be alive, alive and biting. The welts on my neck and arm today proof that summer is still with us. 

   The decision has been made for me. My ankles should be past biting in November. I was nearly late for work this week searching for tights hurriedly stuffed into a suitcase and forgotten in a rushed spring cambio in April. Note to self, the autumn cambio needs proper thought, time and sustained attention.

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