Reasons to Love Bradford. What Makes Bradford a Non-Crap Town.

Despite being voted 2nd in a list of Crap Towns, ‘you name it we’re bad at it‘, here is my list of the things that make Bradford great. Given that we’re second only to London on the list, hopefully the influx of Italian tourists there will soon be on the way to pay us a visit.

 Curry Capital of the UK

at the legendary Karachi

Haworth, the Brontes and the moors 

The Alhambra Theatre

Who says the skies are always grey?

Saltaire UNESCO World Heritage Site

City Park and Town Hall

                                               David Hockney

Taken from Salt’s Mill, Saltaire

                                                    Kiki Dee

Founding place of the Independent Labour Party


Knowing what all these words and expressions mean:

fair t’middlin, where there’s muck there’s brass, chuffed, over-faced, snicket, neither use nor ornament 
and finally when we break a limb we always put a pot on it. And we don’t care that no-one else knows what we mean.

Visit Positive Bradford to find out more


  1. I had the 'pot' conversation in HK with a Welshman, a Southerner and an Irishman (really!) and they all thought I was completely mental and had made the phrase up!! Kari


  2. I remember the bemusement when I was telling my colleagues here in Rome about Enzo's potentially broken arm, “and he hadn't even told me he had a pot on his arm..” after a lengthy silence, “Is someone going to ask her what a pot is?” Apparently it's a word restricted to Yorkshire and the North East!


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