I might live in Rome but obsession with the Royals transcends borders. There is no escape. Even for Pizza.

One of the questions I’m most asked here is about the Royal Family. What do I think of Prince Charles? Camilla’s nothing to Princess Diana is she? Shouldn’t Charles withdraw and let William be King? They are often quite shocked when I don’t care. When I tell them that it has no interest for me. When I tell them that the point of a monarchy is that you DON’T GET TO CHOOSE who the king or queen is. You can sense the bitter disappointment at my blatant lack of enthusiasm. 

   So I’m extremely happy to be missing out on the whole royal baby extravaganza back home.

   Unfortunately, the London correspondents for Italian television are as obsessed with anything Windsor as their British counterparts. I was half listening to the television news from another room yesterday and I thought the baby must have been born because they spent 15 minutes discussing it. Instead they had been talking about the endless waiting. Is nothing else happening in the world? I can understand it from the British press (not really I’m trying to be generous) but I thought the Italians, as a republic, would have had more sense.
   My favourite bit of madness comes in the form of pizza made by an Italian living in Scotland. 

   But I’m with him with Margherita as a possible name, shame it turned out to be a boy. As of this moment, no name has been announced. Ah well,


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