Did they ask you to take off your jacket so they could see your size? First experiences of Rome’s film world.

Did I want to audition to be an extra in Ridley Scott’s new television series set in Rome? Well yes, I did actually. Being an extra completely appeals to me, no learning lines or being in the spotlight, sitting around all day, looking at famous people, getting giddy. Perfect way to spend a couple of days of the Easter hols.
   The email said that the scene was set in a newsroom/office as part of a press conference and advised us to dress like Americans. We didn’t know what that meant, so we just dressed smartly and hoped for the best.
The scene is to be part of a pilot programme about an American Cardinal sent to the Vatican and will explore the inner workings of the Vatican from an outsider’s perspective, so very of the moment.

   We arrived at the famous Cinecittà film studios, expecting long queues, but we were seen within 15 minutes. I was told my outfit was too European. Questions asked: How tall are you? What size are you? (That flummoxed me because the Italian word for size and haircut are the same). My answer was terrible too because I don’t know my Italian dress size – 42? Is that massive? Was I trying to pretend I was slimmer than I am? So she asked for a look. Jacket off. Next question, Do I jog? I answered yes. Still not sure if that was a mistake. Still not sure whether I want to spend the day running around Rome being filmed drenched with sweat. Not quite the easy job I had in mind. I’m still awaiting the call …


  1. Perhaps we could get your class to write a 'compare and contrast' of you sitting around, watching the stars on the one hand; and jogging along Rome's cobbled streets on the other?! It could result in some interesting descriptive writing! :))


  2. I hope you told them that you and your cousin Brendan were star extras in that famous low budget film about football hooligans-shot at Bradford city football ground. I.D.-quite an impressive gritty film and you could wear your own clothes!


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