Goodbye 2017, you won’t be missed, but even in the worst of years …

Good riddance to 2017 and Happy New Year. Usually, I’d be eager to join in and write a list of ten things we won’t miss about 2017; however, my list of shit things that have happened this year would be short and incredibly painful. So instead, I thought I’d try to be positive and write the things I feel grateful for:

  • My family
  • Finding the right words when I needed to 
  • My best friend for always understanding me, always taking me in the right way and always knowing when I’m joking
  • Living in a proper house with stairs, garden, fire and a bath
  • Living near the countryside and within walking distance of the Old White Beare pub 
  • Being able to get jobs with wonderful colleagues, even if I can’t always keep them for long, or do them justice 
  • Having made freelance work viable for at least three months
  • Friends who invite me to stay and mean it 
  • Friends who send messages to make sure I’m ok
  • Friends who hate people, but are some of the best people I know
  • Malaga – pleased I take friends’ advice and try new places
  • Holidays in Norfolk, Whitby, Brighton, Southampton and trips to York
  • Finding an Italian meetup group in Ilkley, lovely people, great Italian food and the discovery that I speak better Italian in Yorkshire
  • Having a work’s Christmas do even though I haven’t worked there for nearly ten years
  • People who can make good martinis
  • Jonathan Pie for being the right sort of shouty 
  • Twitter peeps who make me smile – Very British Problems, We Want Plates, Frankie Boyle, David Schneider, Marian Keynes and Susan Calman 
  • Guilty TV pleasures: Strictly, Gogglebox, Masterchef, Big Little Lies – which I managed to be obsessed by even though I don’t have a television. 


Countryside walks close to my home



Cosy fires at the Old White Beare, Norwood Green



Beautiful Whitby



  1. I’m so sorry 2017 was so hurtful for you, but so happy for you where you’re living now. What a beautiful part of the world! And to be able to work with lovely people is such a blessing. I hope 2018 will bring you lots of joy, love and luck. Thank you for posting on your blog. It always makes my day. Best wishes!

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